More Classroom Pictures!

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Ok…so I worked in my class today (no AC…it was HOT!!) and although these are mostly things you’ve already seen..I’ve added some last touches that I think turned out great!
I plan to use the board above and just below for attendance.  The circles are pizza pans from the dollar store with wrapping paper “modge podged” on them! The kids will use magnets with their pictures to put in either group in the mornings…the middle pan is for at the end of the day where the magnets go =)  I plan to also put their pictures in the windows of the subs.

 The picture below is for my groups …the wheel spins (as it is now in Monday’s position…5 spots for 5 days to turn to and then back to this the following Monday)
There is a close up of the wheel below the other pics.
 This is my data board…again, I used pans from the dollar store to modgepodge wrapping paper so that my kids can place their votes on either pan….with magnets.  The question will go on a sentence strip above the pans… and a tally chart below…
And this is the velcro direction/order/steps idea that someone shared
You’ve seen it before, but here is my version of Deanna Jump’s ship…I have added some things to it as you can see =)

 Thanks so much to Mrs Jump for sharing the icons and all the great ideas I used!! 


  1. I have a Question of the Day as part of their morning routine…the beginning of the year the answers are just yes/no- they show their answer using with their own
    magnet…and then they extend it by using their journals to write the question…answer in detail (more as the year progresses) and then illustrate it. I am working right now on a listing for the question a day question book…each page will go in a plastic sleeve in a binder that stands…if that makes sense? lol I will list it on TPT and Teacher's Notebook- and explain thoroughly when I get it finished =) Hope that helps!!

  2. I simply ADORE your room!! I really can't wait until we're aloud to start working in our rooms!!!

    I think the modge podge on pans looks so nice–and really fancies it up… do you apply it both under and over the paper?

    The data "question" wall is a great idea and a true time saver. I'm going to have to borrow that one!!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

  3. I LOVE your displays!! You have inspired me to try a themed classroom this year! Where did you get your bulletin board letters?

  4. I LOVE your room! It all looks great! I was wondering where you got your punchout letters that you use on your bulletin boards? Is it a collection of different purchased letter punchouts, homemade, or a single set? Super cute!

  5. I am in love with your decor! Simply adorable! I have a question for you… I can click all your pictures and they enlarge and I can see details. The first picture though, the one with the giant crab and it looks like a loft?, that is the only one that won't get bigger for me!? I would love to see that up close and all the details! Is there any way you can send or change that? Just wondered. No biggie if not. I think you've done an amazing job and it's a very inviting classroom! Creative with those pans!

    Kim from:

  6. I bought sheets of styrofoam from Michaels and used a hot knife to cut the edges to the shape of a ship. Next I used black acrylic paint to paint the lines and dots you see….I also cut a mast from the styrofoam and then used fabric to drape the sail (attached it with hot glue =) Hope that helps!

  7. Thx! One more question, did you also use the hot glue to glue the long brown piece where the flag is to the horizontal brown piece that is holding the top part of the fabric?

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