I’m Thankful for..

I’m linking up with Rachelle at What the Teacher Wants for her “I’m Thankful” Linky Party!
I have to say I was also inspired by Mrs Saoud (like she was) over at Primary Graffiti who has been sharing with us daily about what she’s thankful for. =)
Of course…thankful for my husband, kids…Emma, Jack, and Maggie.  
I am thankful to have a job I love (most days..lol) 
 Upon reflection…
it’s been a tough year (or two)…but joyful at the same time…ever had that happen?  
My mom died six months ago…that was a biggie.  
Add to that a lot of other stressful things like finances and there you have the negatives.  
But at the same time, this year has had some good and some great things to happen. 
For one, I’ve made a point of getting a babysitter to spend at least one day each 
month alone with my husband…(nice)
And I found blogging (thank you Ms Arnold at Oceans of First Grade Fun for the encouragement to start), which has allowed me a creative outlet- to feel like I am sharing something really worthwhile…  I am thankful for Teacher Pay Teacher and Teachers Notebook…these two ventures have given me a way to help my family and have fun at the same time.  
My son is (knocking on wood) potty trained.  YES..I said it.  He has finally come around…(I feared he would come to school next year and I would be called down to K in order to change his diaper- 
it was that bad)  
SO many other good things have happened…we got to go on vacation! …not just a beach vacation, but the BEST beach vacation I can remember…ever.  
I am thankful for my followers, who with their comments give me encouragement 
and put a smile on my face =)
Gosh, this has turned into a long post (not intentional)…but
I am thankful that I had more positives to list than negatives…I’ve been trying to work on that =)
Oh, and what would a post from me be without a craft I made for the hallway outside my room:
I LOVE burlap!
(and my family =)
Link up with what you have to be thankful for:


  1. Awwwwww You're gonna make me
    cry:)Thank you! I'm so glad you started your blog and decided to let us take a peek inside your wonderful classroom. I just drool over all the pictures you post and the ideas you share. I'm definitely thankful for you! Thanks for sharing ALL of your wonderful creations with us!


  2. All you do is take burlap and paint your snowman (or whatever) on there with acrylic paints…cut out the edges (two layers)…add scraps of burlap or fabric…newspaper, etc (whatever you have laying around) and then hot glue the inside edges together to seal up the two layers with the stuffing inside. Use thick floral wire to poke through to make your hanger…and you're done! =) LMK if you have any questions!

  3. That snowman is beautiful!
    I am so sorry to hear about your mother. Girls need their moms no matter how old they get.
    Thanks for all your comments on my blog and fb page. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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