New Year, New You, New Freebies {Blog Hop!}

Me and goals….eek.
I like to make them.
I just don’t always reach them.
Or even start them.
Like last year, my goal was realistic.  I would work out at least once before my 40th birthday.
Umm, I am now 40 years and 4 months and I still haven’t worked out.
Not good.
But I am going to try again….never give up, right?

My friends at Freebielicious and I want to share some of our goals and resolutions for 2014 with you! To help you get a jump start on the new year we’ve also added some freebies that may help you reach your own similiar goals. 
My goal for this year is to eat healthier (and work out at least once, I am thinking this will be a standing yearly goal).  My problem with eating is that I don’t plan effectively, therefore when I am at the store, I just grab what I usually grab (not what I should grab)…which is why I think this planning page may be helpful!  I have zero impulse control.  See it, eat it…that’s my motto. 
Here is my plan:

You can get your copy {here}

Maybe it can help you….and me!

Hop on over to Kinder-Craze for another resolution and matching freebie!


  1. My hand is raised . . . I join you in being a horrible meal planner. I need to better and since you have offered such an adorable freebie, how can I help but to try to do better. It's printing and I'm writing up my first week back to school's menu. Thanks for your generosity and creativity Jennifer.
    A Differentiated Kindergarten

  2. You must have been Reading. My. Mind. I so need this…and the working out thing….yeah me too. But I just purchased a bunch of Leslie Sansones' Walk Away the Pounds dvd's I'm hoping this will be exactly what I need. Thanks for the freebie!!! Happy New Year!

  3. I really need this, well actually I need the next step… the actual meal plan! Maybe somebody wise will start a weekly link-up – "what I'm eating this week".
    I would love to win the lottery so I never have to cook again (I'll work til I'm 67, just don't make me cook dinner every night!!)

  4. Love this….just don't tell my husband. He always wants to meal plan. Meal planning is just not my thing. Maybe…this year it will be. I plan to print it and put it in a frame for reuse. Thank you.

  5. I have the same goals! I always just grab junk at the store. I started this week with things I had, but this will help keep me orgainzed while I shop! Thanks! Hope you are having a wonderful new year!

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