Apple Week!

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I love fall and apples and this year we had a great Apple Day
to start our week off right!

 We did the traditional activities like taste testing, graphing our favorites, painting apples, and creating apple books.  Here are some of the pictures from today!

Many of the activities seen here are from my 

Apples, Apples Everywhere! Glyph and Apple Poem Activities Pack  found {here}

And here is a picture posted on Instagram of my apple poem craft (from my pack) by the sweetest bloggy friend!  
Check out her blog: I love First Grade
If you’d like a chance to win my Apple Pack, let me now what you do for 
Fall or for Apples in a comment below!


  1. We do a lot of the same things, but we have an apple day with our 5th grade buddies and do apple patterns, apple glyphs, apple tasting and graphing, and make apple pancakes! This pack looks really cute and I"m sure I could adapt to K.
    Thanks, Lori

  2. We have apple week in 1st grade! We do all kinds of poems, writing, crafts, everything apples! 🙂 This pack is so cute – I need this to decorate my room for curriculum night! 🙂 🙂

    Primary Buzz

  3. We also do a lot of the same things. We taste apples, graph our favorite apple, we make an apple buddy and write our favorite way to eat apples on our apple buddy. We weigh, measure, and compare our apples and make apples prints. Apples and fall are my favorite theme to talk about all year!!! My kiddos love it too!!!! Your pack looks amazing too 🙂
    Julie Davis

  4. We do a lot of the same activities most everyone does: sampling and graphing apple preferences, looking at the life cycle, learning about Mr. Johnny A. 🙂 A few crafts here and there and a ton of CUTE literacy and math activities from TPT, homemade applesauce. LOVE this time of year. Now if it would only get COOL ('we're still a balmy 90-95–ugh!). Love this adorable glyph unit. Thanks!!

  5. This is awesome!! I am a new teacher this year and have not wuite got my apple theme completely cplanned…but we are planning on taste testing, making applesauce, graphing, counting, etc.

  6. We do a lot of the same as you. I especially enjoy the "Star" book when we cut an apple in half length-wise and the kids see the star shape that the seeds make! We usually bake an apple cobbler too:) I'd love some new ideas though!

  7. we spend a lot of time learning about johnny appleseed. we have a big celebration day and make crock pot apple sauce for our class and the staff at our school. the kids love it!
    aconnolly1216 at gmail dot com

  8. We do many of the activities mentioned above. We also taste test a variety of things made from apples, such as apple butter, apple sauce, apple juice and the usual favorite- apple pie! Your pack looks great! I would love to win it! We are doing apples next week!

  9. I love fall and I've always done apples and leaves, but with the push towards common core it seems like there's not time for fun things. I try my best to integrate as much writing and math and science and group collaboration into whatever things I actually get to do, which is what I'd do with these activities. Those apple faces are adorable! 🙂

  10. I have never celebrated apple day or apple week as it is my first year teaching first grade! I love looking at all the ideas- so many great activities!. My plan this week is align most to the common core-some how some way but still manage to get in some cute decorations to liven up the room!

  11. Oooo…those apple pizzas sound yummy. Can't wait to go apple picking soon. We do the always famous taste test, apple dissection, labeling, read a trilion apple books and make apple sauce too! This pack looks adorable!
    A Burst of First

  12. Today we colored apple colors onto coffee filters, and sprayed them with water. They are hanging to dry this evening in the room. We also read a story about a worm who lived in an apple, and drew our own inside apple houses. Too Cute! I'd love some of your ideas!

  13. We are in the middle of our apple week in Pre-K. We taste apples, apple prints, apple patterns (AB), make applesauce, measure each kid with apple diecuts- then graph how tall each person is. Who is the tallest, shortest ect…torn paper apples on paper plates, tons of apple books ect

  14. Cute apples! I have this packet- and I love it!! I'm on a 4 day lesson planning conference this week so my apples unit has been moved to next week…bummer…

    Edana 🙂

  15. To be honest, I am so happy I just read your blog about this! I hadn't even thought about doing an apple week or apple theme! This is definitely something I need to add to my calendar for fall! As a first year teacher, THANK YOU for all of your blogging and sharing to help me out! Not sure how I'd survive without you and all of the other amazing teacher bloggers out there.

  16. We do many of the things you mentioned. We read about Johnny Appleseed, predicted whether apples float or sink, apple tasting, and making applesauce. We will do an apple SCAMPER and write as if you are an apple.

  17. We do lots of the typical apple activities, I am bored this year and want to change it up a bit! Loving the idea of the glyph and a non fiction writing activity. Haven't done applesauce in years and think it might be a good taste test graph. Thanks for the sparks! I would love to win that apple pack!

  18. I would love some new "apple ideas"!! Your pack looks like it would be fun for my first graders! I focus on Johnny Appleseed with literature including poetry. My morning work has an apple theme for math and reading. I would <3 to win the apple pack! I love the pictures you posted of the apples that your kids created! (Especially the one with the teeth!) Too cute!!

  19. We are having an "apple fun day' complete with picking apples (from a ladder decorated like an apple tree) relay races with apples, playing t-ball with apples, and making apple taffy! Thanks for the chance to win your pack. The apple people are ADORABLE!
    Preschool Wonders

  20. So many adorable apple activities. Besides the tasting and graphing we are learning to write a persuasive writing piece but arguing for our favorite way to eat an apple- pie, juice, applesauce, etc. Thanks for all the cute ideas.

  21. We graph our favorite apples and taste test each type of apple then use describing words – sweet, sour, etc. We discuss the seasons and paint how the apple tree looks in each season. We label the different parts of the apple. We then peel the skin of the apple and taste test it versus the meat of the apple and record the data. The students predict how many seeds will be in their apples and we count the number of seeds. We then make applesauce and talk about how the apples change with heat from a true solid to a liquid type of state. We discuss Johnny Appleseed by reading books and watching BrainPop jr. We them make picture notes. I would love to add more!

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