Easy Daysies & Classroom Management Tool Pack Giveaway

You all know how much I love Creative Teaching Press and when they contacted me about a review and giveaway of their scheduling management tool kit, I jumped at the chance!   These cards are awesome because they are magnetic and you can easily write in the times for each event to the side of them if you want =)

The Easy Daysies Schedule Cards were created by a mom and teacher to teach kids about routines, responsibility and to become more independent. They are called Easy Daysies to help kids’ have an easy day! They can be used in the classroom and at home.

I reviewed their Classroom Management Tool Pack and the Easy Daysies Starter Kit.  The classroom set is awesome, it is magnetic and perfect to go right on my board!

I also love the Easy Daysies, they are great for younger kids or kids (like my son) who struggle with change and need routines. 

Here is a great video on how to use Easy Daysies!


  1. I love using schedule cards because then you don't have to answer the questions like "what are we doing next? or when's lunch?" a million times. I like that these have pictures on them because I recently moved to kindergarten and my cards don't have pictures so they are hard for the kids to understand.

  2. I love having a visual schedule so that students know what our plan for the day is. It allows them to be involved and start to have an understanding of time. It is perfect for my kinders!

  3. I love that they can be moved around! My Wednesdays and Thursdays are different because of specials and so I love that on those days I can just move them around and not have to worry about making a whole new schedule!

  4. Dear Jennifer, thank you for the wonderful review! I am so very honored to be a part of your fabulous blog! Love all the comments! Just makes my heart smile!
    Warmest regards,
    (Mom of 3/teacher/Creator of Easy Daysies)

  5. Oh I've been searching for the perfect tool to make schedules that work for home tasks as well as school subjects! These are exactly what I need and will even work well for my toddlers too!

  6. I'm an elementary education language arts major (six more classes to go!), and I know how important routine and consistency are for kids, and how knowing what to expect next can really help them feel more comfortable (read: be less antsy). We even use visual schedules in our home (I have an 8 year old with autism).

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