1. Thanks ladies =) I'd consider creating artwork for teachers, in fact I used to paint to sell at craft shows locally…but the problem is that it rarely earns a profit after you purchase the canvas, your time, etc you are in it for more than folks want to pay. I could probably do the boy/girl paintings for $20 each…or the two for $35…special price for teachers blog friends =) Of course, there is shipping, too…? and @Mrs Jackson, the burlap fish? If so, then it is just burlap, cut two in the shape of a fish, lay on top of each other, and then sew around the sides…but before you sew them all the way, leave a hole to stuff it with something (I used paper napkins)…then sew up the hole =)

  2. I actually have a set of western themed boy/girl paintings and also jungle themed ones, too…already done I'd be happy to pass on for a special price =)

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