Valentine’s Day Kid Craft

Valentine's Day Kid Craft

Valentine’s Day Kid Craft is new and ready to go! This is the cutest thing ever. I love the heart glasses and the fact that my kids already know how to do this craft. They know because I have other similar crafts for other occasions. This craft is a mix of pre-cut patterns and parts that my kids cut themselves. I do this because time is an issue. However, in first grade, my kids cut their own pieces using the template. It just depends on what works best for you and your classroom. I actually don’t mind cutting parts of the craft at night while I watch TV. My kids cut their own hair and mouths which makes this unique and each one different.

Valentine's Kid Craft

You can find my NEW Valentine’s Day Kid Craft pack HERE on TpT.

Valentine's Day Kid Craft
Everything that is included in the pack

I used scrapbook paper for the craft shirts. However, I also included colored paper that you can print our for the shirts.

This Pig in Jeans craft is adorable. It goes along with the book I Love You and Cheese Pizza. I have other Valentine’s Day activities. Read more about them HERE on my blog!

Valentine's Day

You can see my latest craft on TpT HERE. 🖤 I hope you love my Valentine’s Day Kid Craft as much as I do!

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