100th Day of School Activities


100th Day of School Activities including crafts, counting, and writing. We celebrate our special day each year with a special snack and other fun activities. This year we added these adorable kid crafts that turned out super cute.

100th Day of School Activities

My kids took home a note to return a bag of 100 items (that fit int the bag). This year, I got Legos, feathers, pennies, and even hickory nuts! That was a first! I created a bulletin board with the bags. Keep in mind the special bags I used were leftover from a long time ago. I originally purchased them from Really Good Stuff, but they are now discontinued.

100th Day of School bulletin board

If you would like to see other ideas for the 100th Day of School, you can click HERE. If you want to see what is included in my latest pack found HERE on TpT, check out the picture below.

In addition to these printables, the pack includes the craft template
100th Day of School Activities

Other Ideas

This year I used my counting collections during our 100th day activities. Kids worked in pairs to collect 10 items. We placed our ten groups of ten on the rug and then recorded what we collected.

100th Day of School counting activities

Obviously, if you know me, you know I decorated for our special day. When the kids walk in , they immediately get excited. They are ready to party! Another activity we do is that I have parents send snacks and I bag up handfuls of the snacks. The kids use them to graph 100 items during our special snack. After graphing 100, they get to eat the snacks!

We also get a dum-dum sucker. How many licks does it take? The kids record each of their 100 licks. Then they get to eat their sucker!

No party is complete without food. These cupcakes are one of my favorite 100th Day of School Activities. Everyone gets excited for cupcakes!

100th Day of School Activity
100th Day of School Activities

I hope you love my new pack for 100th Day of School Activities. You can find it HERE on TpT.


  1. Hi there!! I LOVE LOVE your activities! Can you do an art activity for the 120 th day of school ? It would be so appreciated!!

  2. Thank you for these fun activities that I will implement in my class. Thank you for sharing these!! I’m so excited to try these.

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