Easy Shape Penguin Craft


This Easy Shape Penguin Craft is great for winter because it doesn’t require a lot of prep or work. It is literally just shapes: rectangles, circles, triangles, and half circles. There is a play of black and white on each other. I included pages for specific penguin books, but also a lot of pages that can be used with ANY penguin book, fiction or nonfiction. My students loved these and were super proud of their penguins. You can see my new Penguin Pack HERE on TpT!

Easy Shape Penguin Craft

The book that inspired this craft (The Penguin Who Was Cold by Philip Giordano) has the most wonderful illustrations. All three books I linked above are essentially about being yourself, being different and how that’s ok. You will find your place in the world.

Pages from The Penguin Was Was Cold
Easy Shape Penguin Craft
penguin craft preview

Other Shape Penguin Craft Fun

Easy Shape Penguin Crafts

The thing I like about this craft is that all the shapes used could be easily cut by my students. Although I chose (for time’s sake) to pre-cut most of them, I could have had them cut the parts. This Easy Shape Penguin Craft is sure to be a favorite.

I love how most are facing one way, but there are a few rebels facing the other way!

You can find my latest Easy Shape Penguin Craft pack on TpT HERE. I hope your winter holiday is full of penguin fun and we make it to spring in one piece!

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