Penguin Week Share and Freebies

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It was Penguin Week in my classroom!  
This week we learned as much as we could fit in about penguins and my kids 
LOVED every minute of it! Penguin Week Share and Freebies will be a hit if you give them a try!
 This is a directed drawing activity (found in my freebie pack)


More pages from my Penguin Freebie Pack which you can find here on google docs!
Or you can get it at Teachers Notebook here!
I focused on the penguins that you can watch live on the webcam at Sea World in San Diego.  
(in my freebie pack, I provide a cheat sheet for telling the penguins apart)
 Here is a model of an emperor penguin 
(bulletin board paper is exactly the right width to create your own…48″)
I took pictures of my kids next to it to see whether they were as tall or taller than an emperor penguin!
This is what is included in the freebie pack:
At the beginning of the week, we had started out by reading books about penguins, brainstorming what we knew and what we learned.  We completed a web and another page by The Teacher Wife (one of my favs) Check out her original post here and get your own freebie pack!
We also did some Penguin Measuring activities from Live, Love, Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten, (love her) you can find the freebie here
And we also did a little emergent reader from Jamie Mayas, (awesome) you can find that freebie here
All that and I still didn’t take a picture of everything…nor did we finish it all!
For more fun, we also added my

Find it here

You can find my latest penguin shape craft (shown above) HERE on my blog! I am sure you’ll love it!


  1. Girl, you must have read my mind!!!! Next week is our penguin week, and I just got your make a penguin or three pack, and now I feel like I'm really ready to go!! Thanks so much for the wonderful materials, as always!!!

    Hugs back!!!
    The Daily Alphabet

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