First Day Freebie

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       Here is my first Freebie!  It is an activity I do on the first day of school, along with a self portrait we hang up.  Please understand this is my first try and that I am not at school, so I have limited access to my materials, ideas, etc.  I am at home and trying desperately to figure all this out as my two toddlers scream in the background!  AHHHHH!!!   The second page of the document just shows what my webs might look like on the board…I *might* use it as a cheat sheet for kids who are struggling to copy off the board.  Keep in mind the directions to the activity are on the last page.  Hope someone can use it =)  Click on the link (I hope) and let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.

First Day of First Grade 


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