The New Kid

The new kid
I have never been the “new kid” while growing up. I attended the same school from first right up to twelfth grade. Of course, going to college you feel a bit like the new kid…or when coming into a new school as a teacher. But for me, it has been a while since I felt that after 13 years at the same school…until now. I have been stalking teacher blogs for a few months and cannot express how wonderful it has been to hear from teachers like me and what a wealth of resources and ideas it has provided me. My husband has said on more than one occasion that I am obsessed with teaching blogs…and I guess, in a way, he is right. I love my job…I love my kids I teach and am always looking for ways to grow as a teacher. So I guess I just want to say thank you to all the teacher bloggers out there- you have inspired me to enter into it myself so that not only can I be learning, but perhaps I can also share some things with you along the way =). Want to learn more? Click HERE.  See my TpT Shop HERE.


  1. Thanks Yolanda! I posted my first freebie…I'm at home with the kids, so I don't know how great it is- but I am hopeful I am on the right path at least! =) Thank you for adding me!!!

  2. I just had to see your first blog post since I am a newbie and am learning the ropes of the blogging world. It's great to see that you have helped so many teachers/parents with your blog since JUNE! You are terrific! Any advice for us new blogsters??

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