No Prep Dice Game Love!

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No Prep Dice Game Love! Have you heard?  My students LOVE Dice games!

Earlier this year, I created a pack for the holidays and my kids went nuts.  Don’t ask me why, but something about some cute clipart and fancy titles and they are IN!

I added a winter pack and just finished the Valentine’s Day Pack! 

(working on a Super Heroes pack this weekend!) 

See them {here} on TpT.

 If your kids love them as much as mine, consider purchasing the Dice Game BUNDLE!  All three packs I have made are included and I will be adding more packs throughout the year, at least 10 in all for each holiday/season!  Buy it low now and never have additional costs as the amount of packs included increases!  It is a TERRIFIC deal!

You can find these {here} on TpT.

No Prep Dice Game Love!

Just about every game has an easy game board and a more challenging one, so it works for differentiated instruction, upper K to intervention for 2nd.  They all come in color and B&W!

These games have been a lifesaver, since I am slowly on the mend from having strep throat and just didn’t have the energy to do a lot of prep for math this week.  My kids were SO happy to play their math games and I didn’t even have to use the guilt of having a sick teacher to get them to behave! haha

If you’d like to win the Valentine’s Day Pack of Dice Games, just leave a comment and I will choose a winner soon!  It’s HUMP DAY everybody!!  It’s all down hill from here!!


  1. Oh these games look awesome! I love how you created different versions to differentiate for your kiddos! A great resource for centers and to use when a substitute is needed! I think these would be great to send home for extra practice too!


  2. Jennifer I just LOVED your No Math Prep Packet! I totally feel is was worth the money. Also, your 100th day goodies look fabulous as well. Looks like I need to make a purchase on this baby too. I just love your ideas and creativity. Thanks for sharing.

    One Fab Teacher

  3. I love the idea of keeping the dice in a little plastic container so they don't end up on the floor! I love this blog hop. I am a kinder-teacher-wanna-be! You all have the very best ideas about everything! And even though I teach high school, I learn SO much from reading your blogs! THANKS for the bloghop!

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