Literacy Flip Books

These literacy station flip books are designed for stations, but could be used whole group.  I have a pair of scissors, stapler, and crayons in the container with these one-page flip books.  My students will read a book and choose a flip book to use with it.  They will cut, staple and add details to them.  I require that they read the book at least three times.  The cover includes space for them to write the title of the book and their name on the spine (edge) of the book.  Depending on the age and agility of your students, you might also require them to write the author’s name, too  (younger kids will struggle to fit it all on the small blanks).  The space on the pages can be for a small drawing or illustration. You can find the flipbooks on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Literacy Flip Books

At the start, we may do a newly introduced flip book as a whole group activity on a chosen book, before I add it to the station.  For something different, try running the copies off on brightly colored paper. I would not have been able to have used these at the beginning of kindergarten, however, I can use them with most students second semester. In first grade, I could use these after a month or two.

These are the flip books included!

I made sure the Literacy Flip Books all fit on one page for easy copying. You can find my latest product HERE. You can read more about literacy station ideas HERE on my blog!

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