Milk Plus Soap Equals Fun {FREEBIE}

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Seriously.  I told you guys that I am trying to fit in science into my teaching more and how my kids are lovin’ it.  Well, in sort of the spring/St Patrick’s Day vein, I decided to do an experiment with soap, food coloring,  and milk.
 I first saw this experiment while visiting one of my favorite girl’s blog, Kindergarten Lifestyle.  Jeannie is awesome and so is her site!  
She shared the experiment and a great pack of hers that is all about rainbows.  
Who doesn’t love rainbows??
Check the post out {here}
 I created a FREEBIE for the experiment in case you want to do it in your classroom.
Get your FREEBIE {here}
And of course there was an epic fail, well, maybe not “epic”….but I tried to do the rainbow in the jar, but it didn’t really turn out exactly right =(
Anyone doing anything fun this week?  We are on Spring Break and I am enjoying EVERY minute!
I have a lot to share, but not tonight! lol
Hope you can use the freebie!  Happy Thursday!!


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