Bunny Feet Measuring FREEBIE and Spring Chicks

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Bunny Feet Measuring FREEBIE and Spring Chicks

Bunny Feet Measuring FREEBIE and Spring Chicks
I was at Dollar Tree and spied these bunny feet that are for making Easter Bunny tracks, but I thought they would be great for non-standard measurement! 
My kids had SO much fun measuring everything in the classroom AND each other!
If you don’t have a Dollar Tree, I did find them on Amazon in case you can’t live without them…or you could always use clipart and make your own =)


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I bought 4 packs, one for each of my tables and had my kids work in pairs. 
 I created a little FREEBIE pack for recording and illustrating the bunny step measuring fun!
You can get your FREEBIE {here}  
We also made our Chick Glyphs!  They turned out super cute!
 You can find my Spring Chick Glyph Pack {here}
Hope you LOVE the Bunny Steps freebie and have a great week!  I am on Spring Break and plan to get caught up on a bunch of things…including a little bit of relaxation!


  1. You are soooooooo creative! I {puffy} heart all that you do!! The bunny foot prints are adorable. We have been doing measurement in our IB planner, and I've laminated and cut out foot prints on colored paper…but this would also be fun to do with my students too!! LOOOOOVE it!
    -Lovely Nina

    1. I meant to share that! Sorry! I bought 4 packs, but could have used 5 easily (so that I had extras). I gave one pack (15 feet) to each of my 4 tables and had them share with their table. Hope that makes sense!! =)

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