Winners and a Bulletin Board Shout Out!

First off, I apologize that I haven’t already announced the winners of the Chicken Glyph Pack 
although in my defense, I emailed the winners their packs already =)
ALSO….guess who had a bulletin board featured on Bulletin Board Ideas??  
Give up?
Why don’t you go check it out see:
In other news, my Spring Break has been pretty good…the weather is lovely and I have gotten a lot done.  Thursday I go for an endoscopy, so that should be a good time =)
I have a great Earth Day pack & surprise coming up 
and am still working on Summer/Ocean Label It! Mats…maybe they will be finished soon…or maybe I will go back to reading my latest Harry Dresden book?  Decisions, decisions…lol
And did you see these Problem Solving Wabbits over at First Grade Parade…I think am in love!!

Check them out here:


  1. You are seriously the Miss Congeniality of the bloggy world. Thanks for always stopping by my little slice of cyberspace to leave meaningful comments. I don't always have the extra time to browse as much as I want to, but I just want you to know how much I appreciate your positivity. Your blog is wonderful too. 🙂

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