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Happy Monday Everyone!

Cute fish, right? Click on him to visit Love Two Teach and get your own fishies!
Last summer I had a post where I took inspiration from Pinterest and changed it up a bit and made something for the beginning of the year to welcome my firsties. 
(you can see that post here) Recently I had a sweet follower email and ask if I could change it up to work for the end of the year, too.  
I worked on it and here is what I came up with…I did grades K up to third =)  I also included a version for the beginning and end of the year.  All you have to do is add them to a baggy of goldfish!

There are 5 pages’ worth of variety…click on the picture or here to get your copy from google docs =)
(Check out the original inspiration I got from Pinterest here)


  1. I've seen this idea on Pinterest and I loved it! Thanks so much for doing the work and making it a freebie! I definitely grabbed a copy!


  2. It's me again! You were so kind to create a preschooler fish label. I must have "trashed" it on accident. I hadn't written to thank you because I hadn't used them yet. Tomorrow is the first day of preschool. YIKES! Please help!!! Can you resend to ninjasmamma@yahoo.com

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