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Classroom management tip: Hey y’all! I am here to tell you this year has been a struggle. I have 22 students, yes, 22 kindergarten students and just ONE of me. Yes, I understand some people across the country have way more kiddos than that…but obviously they are superheroes and I am NOT.

It fits perfectly into a hand sanitizer holder!

Not only do I have 22 kids, I have 22 very energetic, high spirited, very verbal students, high spirited (if you are a teacher and speak teacher-ese then you understand what message I am trying to convey). Anyway, I have been looking for ways to manage my class and get their attention. I found a great attention-getter in the SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell.  It has an operating range of over 500 feet and more than 50 chimes. I use mine with multiple remotes cleverly stationed around the classroom for me to use as we line up or when we’re at the carpet, etc.

I love having access to the doorbell anytime!

You have 500 chimes to choose from and can control the volume of the chime. They came with handy peel and stick backs to attach to almost any surface. I also keep one around my neck on my ID tag in a hand sanitizer holder from the Target dollar bin!

Doorbell remotes came with optional press and stick backs!
Fits perfectly and hangs on my ID necklace!
I have a remote stuck to the door (out of students’ reach) for when we line up!

If you would like to see more, check out this affiliate link: Click here The white doorbell is cheaper than the colored ones right now, so check it out: Click here

Or you can find the doorbell with multiple remotes here:

Here’s a short video of how I use the doorbell in my classroom!

Another idea for management sticker booklets can be found HERE


  1. Your post was so cute! I am going to have to try this with my rowdy bunch of third graders!

  2. Do each of your remotes have to have a different receiver or do just one receiver for all remotes?

  3. Did you find the colored individual remotes on Amazon? I would love extra remotes and especially colored ones! ?

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