Pattern Block Sight Words {Giveaway}

I had this great post planned with all the pictures I took of my classroom today (while I was up there working for 7 hours straight) but I am just too pooped to get the pictures edited and the post written…so instead, how about I share something I use for my Letters and Sounds Station =)
 As I was getting my stations ready for the beginning of the year, I decided to take some photos of one of my kids favorite literacy centers…Pattern Block Sight Words (I also have sets for letter naming, nonsense words, and 2nd grade words)  Kids take turns naming the sight word and then placing the matching pattern block on the space.
You can find them {here}.  The mats make for an engaging station that is LOW prep and so much fun!

And tomorrow don’t forget…
Now for the {giveaway}
Leave a comment and I will choose someone to win a pattern block pack of their choice!


  1. I LOVE these! What fun will it be for my little people, my little firsties! I can see it now. I'm also looking and doing some activities for my centers. I always like to update them at the beginning of the year. 🙂 Thank you so much for the opportunity and the giveaway! Good luck to all! Happy first day of school! 🙂

  2. I see my kiddos wanting to turn this into a game – either a spinner or index card pile or a dice – "choose a two letter word to read" or " free choice" or " ask a friend to read all of their words" or "use your best —— voice to read a word. " Seat work is great when it can be modified to fit the needs of many groups of children. In this case, each child can have his or her own sheet as well.
    Thanks for a great idea!

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