Finds, a New Pack, and a Freebie!

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 Happy Sunday!
I took the plunge and bought…
a bubblegum machine for my erasers!
I saw the idea on Pinterest 
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I found the pin!  I love it!
I found the gumball machine on Amazon….below!

Some other finds…novelty pens at Target for a dollar that I think I can use as pointers =)

 The other find was the flowers marked down to $2 each at a local pharmacy…just a bright little classroom display!
In other news, I have a new pack that I think is awesome…it is a combination of samplings of everything I use in my 5 literacy stations.  
I included pictures and descriptions of all my stations.  I also included a title poster, a ‘Have to Can do’ example Poster’ and then activity or response pages for EACH station.  Later this week I will do a collage picture to show all the individual pages, but the pack is over 80 pages.  Click here and then choose download preview to get this little freebie page:  

You can find the new pack on TPT and Teachers Notebook.  


  1. You can set it to be free or coin operated…and you can use just the regular erasers…the Dollar Tree has packs of 40 for $1 =) I haven't had them get stuck…you might have to adjust the opening inside so that it doesn't give more than one, though. =)

  2. I love your gumball machine! I got a big one last year at a yard sale. It's the kind that has the spiral ramp that the gumballs roll down before they come out. I tried the erasers and sadly they got stuck in the top and then wouldn't roll=( I need a little one!

  3. Hello! I recently found your post on Pintrest and then got a gumball machine. Mine is sticking horribly. The erasers never seem to come out right on the first try. How do you keep yours running smoothly?

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