Busy, Busy!

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SO I have been taking advantage of my summer to revise and edit a few of my older packs.  First up was my Pattern Block Sight Word Pack.  I didn’t make a lot of changes, but I revised the cover page big time to make it a little prettier!

The other two packs I revised are my Question of the Day packs.  I added page numbers (a great suggestion!) SO if you have bought and downloaded the packs and would prefer to have the page number versions, just go back to TPT or TN and download again from your ‘purchases’ tab.  (I apologize that I didn’t put them there in the first place!!!) 

There is also a winner for the Hot Dots Giveaway….Dana A! I have sent you an email!!
Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for the Barnyard Buzzers!!!


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