Barnyard Buzzers Giveaway!

My friends over at Learning Resources sent me some products to review…and I have to say the best part was that I got to choose what I wanted to try out.  The first thing I saw was the set of Barnyard Buzzers.  How cute are these??

I couldn’t resist!  I see so many possibilities for games and learning!  How much fun would these be to use during small group?  Or to let your kids rotate using them to answer questions…or in pairs during turn and talk?  When you push the button, it makes the animal sound!
My own personal kids don’t want to let me take them to school!!
If you would like a chance to win your own set, just enter below!

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  1. These are so cute! I've seen the ones that you can record your own voice but this is awesome! It would be perfect to set these up around the classroom during center time, when kids need help they hit the buzzer. That way you wouldn't have a line waiting for you at your desk.

    A BLT adventure

  2. So cute. I am the school teacher librarian so I would use them with any sort of review game with books or reference and resource activities.

  3. For the farm unit I think they would be perfect for just about anything. It would be great to accompany read alouds, to play games, or guided reading.

  4. Super cute! I would use these in small groups. The students could use them in a center. Also, students could use them in a scavenger hunt around the room. When they find the hidden clue, they hit the button that corresponds with the animal. Would have to think it out more, but the I think these would be a blast!


  5. I NEED these buzzers in my classroom. How awesome would it be to use them in my guided reading / small group lessons. They are fabulous! :o)

    jennkeys @ gmail . com

  6. These are too cute! I love how they are so versatile. A million ideas are popping into my head. Thank you Learning Resources for all your great products!

  7. I would use these in my guided reading groups and during my small groups in math. I used a system such as this last year but these would be so much more fun for my kids as my system was kind of chaotic. These seem like so much fun.

  8. I would use them during small groups or even during group games. Currently during group games that require an answer from the group, we use tamborines.

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