Super ‘Wh’?

For as long as I can remember I have taught the ‘wh’ sound through the use of questioning.  
All the big questions words (which most are tricky) begin with ‘wh’ (except for how and of course the nasty little ‘who’ which I use my owl to teach that…)
This is a great little unit complete with templates to create your very own 
Super Wh
(who is able to leap TALL Questions in a single bound!)
 Here is an up close of the anchor chart I created for the wh sound and question words!
 The original super hero I created below was for action words (predicates, too)…the idea came from a bulletin board by
Lindsey at The Teacher Wife…love her stuff!
This template for a boy and a girl super hero is included, along with a super ‘wh’ poster, 2 SUPER cute labeling super hero pages, a question activity page, question cards for reading, a set of 5 journal prompts, a story starter, 2 writing activities, a super hero owl page for ‘who’, and 2 super hero pages for coloring or for your anchor charts.
Check it out:
First three people to comment below with their email address will get their own free copy!


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