Do what?

You all remember how I was super excited to share that I only had 13 kiddos?
Well, Karma came knocking and bit me in the proverbial buttocks.

Because of the high numbers in Kindergarten someone needed to move to Kindergarten.
That someone turns out to be me.
…Do what?
It is fine, really.  Everything will be fine. It will be good.  I mean, I volunteered to do it, for goodness sake!  It is a good thing.
 I am just feeling a little overwhelmed about saying goodbye to  my current class…removing all their names, pictures, etc. and then starting over to welcome a new class of Kinders.  DO you have any idea how much work that will be?  Yes, you do =)
And not to mention I haven’t taught K since 1998-99.   
I am not even really sure where to start, and the fact that it is just for one year sort of makes me not want to invest a ton of time and money into stuff.
But it will be fine,  it will be great.
Plus, you may have noticed that my blog got a little makeover!
It is different, but not too different, kwim?
It’s by DreamLike Magic (*love*) courtesy of a giveaway from Kindergarten Korner (*love*) 
Thank you Sarah and Alicia!!
For those of you reading on google reader, here is a peek at the new look:
I also got new buttons for the side:
So I have been working nonstop to get my room ready for Monday morning when my 17 new Kinders arrive and my 13 “week-old” firsties forget and come to my room by mistake.  Right now I need to go to school and work, so hugs and happy weekend to all of you!!!  
(serenity now, serenity now!!! …for all you Seinfeld Fans out there!!)


  1. Best wishes as you make this switch. I can't help feeling for those little firsties who thought they had you for a teacher and now don't. Poor things!

  2. Best of luck. I hope the transition is smooth for you! (or at least as smooth as can be!) You're an awesome teacher so I think you'll do great no matter what grade it is! 🙂


  3. Sounds like an adventure. My first year in K, I was all set up for 2nd and in the afternoon of the day before the kids arrived, I moved to K and the K teacher to SpEd. We had the weekend to dismantle two rooms and set up again. But I'm still in K. Last year, I was to move to 3rd. I set up, wrote plans for 3rd and went on maternity leave. Then the day before I came back, I was moved to K. That time it took me longer to set up (bc I had more stuff). But I loved each class. Once you get your Ks, you'll love them as much as you still love your firsties. Here's to Smooth Sailing.

  4. Wow…what a big change! I've taught Kindergarten before and it is very different, but fun and enjoyable! Good luck in your new adventure, and all will turn out great! 🙂

  5. And I thought I was overwhelmed when I changed grades and schools last week- but I still had a whole week to prepare. These kinders are lucky to have you! And your school is lucky to have someone like you who is willing to set up like that!!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  6. Oh my! I can't believe you volunteered…what a great person/teacher you are!! We are over our numbers in 1st grade so we have to get a new teacher and they will team teach with someone on our team. Thankfully one person volunteered so our principal didn't have to pick names out of a hat. I'm so thankfully for people like you that rise to new challenges. You'll be a wonderful Kindergarten teacher! Good luck!

  7. Jennifer,
    I have been in your situation. It is tough now, but you will be fine…eventually. And just think! You may get some of your kinders back as first graders when you go back to first next year! I will be praying for you! HUGS!

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