Jack and the Beanstalk Activities

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Jack and the Beanstalk Activities

Jack and the Beanstalk Activities:  Kids love fairytales and who doesn’t like the classic, Jack and the Beanstalk? The unit includes ideas to use with the book that includes writing, reading, science, reader’s theater, retell, and a little math.  My kinders had a great week!  See my new pack HERE in TpT!

The unit begins by creating a beanstalk with yarn from the ceiling.  I twisted bulletin board paper and stapled “leaves” to it.  My kids went crazy when they saw it. They immediately connected it to Jack and the Beanstalk.  We read the traditional stories and one from the Giant’s perspective: Trust Me, Jack’s Beanstalk Stinks!

Next, we discussed how would the Giant get back up to his castle now that the beanstalk has been chopped down.  CHALLENGE TIME!  Construct a way for the Giant to get up the 36″ tall beanstalk!  We created a plan and then I grouped kids by their choice of materials.

Kids love beans!  Integrate math by counting beans to measure the footprints that the giant left!

Oh no!  The Giant left a glove behind!  Can we use it to plant our beans?  Yes! Maybe we can experiment with the planting conditions and see what happens!  I bought XL food prep gloves from Amazon HERE.

Students also planted our their own bean seeds and as they grew, we wrapped them gently around a stick with a castle and cloud taped to the top of it.

You can find all these activities and a bunch of other writing activities in my pack for Jack and the Beanstalk on TpT!


  1. I love this and cannot wait to start tomorrow! thank you for these awesome ideas and worksheets!

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