Graduation Hat Patterns and Tags

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Graduation Hat Patterns and Tags

Graduation Hat Patterns and Tags: I’m teaming up this week with ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers for an awesome graduation themed project.  Of course, it isn’t limited to an official graduation, the hats and tags can be used for just promotion to a new grade or for fun.  I really do love this time of year.  My kinders have grown so much since they first arrived in my classroom back in August.  It’s amazing!

I love using Astrobrights in my classroom.  I used a variety of colors, but mainly AstrobrightsFireball Fuchsia™, Blast-Off Blue™, Solar Yellow™, Vulcan Green™, Lunar Blue™, and Planetary Purple™.  

For the headbands, I used sentence strips I found on Amazon to attach and staple to fit.

If you don’t have sentences strips, another idea is to use Astrobrights Cardstock.  Cut the page in half and staple together for an instant headband!

I have included tags for going to kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and one that just says “I’m graduating!”  You can find the tags and hat pattern on Teachers Pay Teachers

I also do a directed drawing at the end of the year.  I plan to laminate and add to the other side of the bags this year.  You can find the drawing on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Thank you to ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers for partnering with me on this blog post. I received payment, trade, and or products from Astrobrights in exchange for promoting. However, all opinions stated are my own and I only promote brands and products that we use and love. This post also contains affiliate links. I receive a small commission each time someone makes a purchase through one of my links, which helps to support the blog.

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