Close Reading in Elementary School Book Study Ch1 {FREEBIE}

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I am linking up with two of my Freebielicious Girls {Lyndsey and Tara} for their book study on the book,  Close Reading in Elementary School.

Here is a little {FREEBIE) to get started on your future Close Read endeavors!

Now, back to the book!
A students’ ability to access challenging text has become a major focus for teachers and a button for stakeholders.  Even though complex text isn’t new (we all read non-fiction, right?)  the AMOUNT kids  are exposed to has increased.  The expectations for children to read and understand what they have read has also increased.  The exposure to informational and complex text should begin in Kindergarten, and as students grow, they must learn how to extract meaning from demanding passages.
The book’s first chapter was not my favorite, I am hoping the rest of the book is better (is that bad to say?)  It’s about text complexity and all the different ways people have tried over the years to measure it.  Obviously text complexity should involve more than the number of syllables in a word or words in a sentence.  Qualitative, quantitative, and how Common Core has merged these along with the addition of background knowledge, reader interest, and reader motivation are a more reasonable way to measure text complexity.  I like the example they gave of elephant and pachyderm- both have the same number of syllables, but one is definitely more complex.
I enjoyed the part of the chapter that points out that ultimately the most essential gauge for text complexity is the student.   They are who ultimately determines what is complex..and that it is unique and personal to each reader.

I’ve also been busy today finishing up my newest Close Read all about Sharks!  My students LOVE sharks and I cannot wait to use this pack!  I worked hard on blending that really deep, close read with some fun exploration and writing!
Check it out {here} if you’d like! =)

I created a Turtle Close Read Freebie a while back, in case you missed it, you can find it {here}

Visit Lyndsey with A Year of Many Firsts  and Tara with Little Minds at Work‘s blogs (two of my absolute favorite bloggy friends!) and link up for the book study!

In case you want to get the book:


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