First Day

First Day…I mean, days.
Don’t have a lot of pictures to share  ( did I mention I am exhausted??)
…here are a few snapshots of my kiddos in their Kissing Hand headbands =)
By the way, I am loving my class…of 
wait for it, wait for it….
13 kids!!!
You can find the pattern in my Kissing Hand Pack on TPT and TN for only $2.50


  1. Okay, because I have 30 kids and you only have 13, I may have to stop following you.
    But I won't.
    But I'm a little sick right now. And I should be happy for you, but I'm only thinking about my 30 kids.

  2. Love the headbands! And I love the new look of your blog! My makeover is almost done. This is my 3rd makeover and my last. I finally found a design I love!!

    I have 16 students this year. One hasn't shown up so I'm hoping I will stay at 15. I am way jealous of your 13. Last year I had 22 and with a tiny classroom- it was just no fun! We were very lucky to pick up a new teacher this year. Without her, we'd each be back at 22-23.

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