Wood Christmas Ornament

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woord Christmas ornament

Wood Christmas Ornament: This year I decided to do something a little different than the traditional reindeer on doily ornament (see HERE). Instead I chose to buy these cute little wood discs (predrilled) for our thumbprint reindeer ornament. The Christmas ornament is a simple and sweet keepsake that parents will treasure always.

Find the discs Wood Ornaments on Amazon, be sure to choose the 3.1″-3.5″ size. Wood Christmas Ornament is a hit with parents!

I used red sequins for the nose, simply because that is what I had on hand. You could use a tiny pom pom or red paint, etc. For the legs and antlers, a black Sharpie is perfect. The eyes are small googly eyes. I attached them and the sequins with super glue, but that’s because I recently got burned with my hot glue gun and have put it in time out.

Here’s the link for the sequins.

red sequins

I used acryllic (Apple Barrel) paint. First I painted a base coat of white with a sponge brush. Then I did the thumbprints and last the details with the sequins nose.

easy Christmas wood ornament

On the back I had the kids write their name with a pencil and then I traced it with a Sharpie and added the year and a heart.

Christmas Ornament

A teacher friend on IG just suggested I use Oil Based Sharpies when painting on the paint! SO SMART!

reindeer wood ornament

Santa Wood Ornament

Santa wood ornament

I also used the discs to make this Wood Christmas Ornament for Santa. A bit of painter’s tape across the center. This year I let the kids use their finger to paint each part. In the past we’ve ued a sponge brush. Tip: use the new eraser of a pencil to make a perfect small circle!

painted wood ornaments
use an eraser to make a paint dot
woord ornament for christmas

The first time I saw the thumbprint done like this was on Amy Lemons blog..see it HERE. Her version is precious, too!

snowman handprint ornament

Another idea for ornaments using canvas like these:

Wood Christmas Ornaments
reindeer directed drawing
I love directed drawings!

If you are interested in holiday directed drawings Click HERE for more information for my December pack!

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