Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Christmas Crafts for Kids: It’s that time of year again where we do crafts for the holidays. We send them home as keepsakes or presents for parents. It seems trivial in some ways, but as a parent, I do love to pull out those handmade ornaments from when my kids were little. So I guess it isn’t that trivial at all, is it?


The first ornament I want to share is this one using a canvas. First we paint a background color. Next, I paint my students’ hands and press gently with just the top part of the palm touching the canvas. I let my students use Sharpies to add the snowman details.

Snowman canvas ornament

I use a 3×4″ canvas:

One other ornament I do each year is super simple. It is a fingerprint reindeer on a doily.

Doilies make great ornaments!

I used white doilies and cut red and green circles to fit the middle and then a smaller white one for inside that. The print is just their thumb- Sharpies to add details. Personally I use circle cutters for the shapes, but I use them for everything!

Another ornament we make is this reindeer. Plastic ornament, rolled brown paper, and red pom pom noses. Since this one, I started using googly eyes instead of painting them.

reindeer ornament

Here are the ornaments I use:

Other Crafts

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Simple Reindeer Craft

You can find the Simple Reindeer Craft HERE.

Christmas Directed Drawings

See more Holiday Directed Drawings HERE.

Gingerbread Craft is a favorite of mine, see it HERE.

nativity directed drawings
Nativity Directed Drawings
Hanukkah Directed Drawings

If you are looking for a religious options, click HERE

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