What We’ve Been Doing…

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What We’ve Been Doing…

Ok folks…I will be honest.  I am behind.  …so very, very behind.  I have a list that is a million miles long and so I haven’t been sharing a lot lately simply because I am trying to remember all the things on the list. 
(insert nervous laugh)
But I thought I would share real quick some of the things I have gotten around to doing in my classroom.
 Snowmen used for -er and -est adjectives.
 Torn Paper Snowmen from Pinterest.
 Ringing in the New Year with a project from A Cupcake for the Teacher.


For 100th Day…we made a banner that says “I’m 100 Days Smarter!”
The banner pieces are hot glued to ribbon.
 Our Signs…from Walmart $1 section tied together with ribbon so they would hang.


 We made 100 Day Crowns
 …and illustrated what we would like look when we are 100.




I have a new pack that should be a lot of fun..so stay tuned!
By the way, tomorrow is Friday!!

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  1. I will have to check out the WalMart here to see if the 100 sign is available. Your room looks like an exciting place to be!
    Just wanted to invite you to see how far reaching your ideas are. I teach in Alberta, Canada (where blizzards are more natural in January than tornadoes), and this week my combined Grade 2/3 class used your inspiration in making snow glyphs. Come and see:

  2. Clearly I need to go to Walmart because I had no idea they had $1 section. Target is across the street so I never venture over to Walmart come to think of it I think the closest one might be 15 minutes away which is probably why. I love all your 100th day activities! Your kids writing is too cute!
    Rambling About Reading

  3. I love the 100 day banner! My kids are getting so excited about 100 day… we're only at day 85 (really? it feels like a lifetime sometimes… lol), so we have a couple more weeks to go! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    First Grade Garden

  4. Hey lovely lady! I just wanted to tell you thank you for all your kindness and support 🙂 You've been such an inspiration to Beth and I 🙂 We truly appreciate you! I know you've already won at least 2 of the favorite follower awards, but you know we when got one we had to throw it back your way! Just remember how fabulous you are and have a great rest of your week 🙂

    LisMade In The Shade In Second Grade a 🙂

  5. Jennifer! Your room looks so cute! We recently made your Valentine Pals and everyone LoVes them. I will post a pic of them once I remember to take my camera to school with me. 🙂 Oh, and I wonder where the dollar section is at our Walmart? I will look.

  6. Jennifer do you have a writing time built into your day?? I just read your comment about my reading question. It sounds very similar to our day, but I am expected to fit writing into our 60 minute block. Ugh!

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