Verbs are Action Words! Freebie

A while back my class was learning about verbs.  I like to emphasize (as most early childhood teachers do) that verbs are Action Words!  They are something you can “do”.
We brainstormed verbs and I listed them around on this anchor chart…notice the cape? lol 

Later in the week I gave each of the kids a post-it note and let them write a one word verb on it…and do a small illustration on it, to, if they wanted.  We stuck these all around a smaller anchor chart.

Another activity we did was that I wrote sentences on the board and let the kids come up and circle the action word…they LOVE to write on the board for some reason…

Here is a page I created to go along with the lesson on verbs.
Just click here or on the picture to get your copy.

The adorable super heroes are from MelonHeadz!


  1. There used to be a commercial on t.v. a few years ago that had a saying that went something like this…Verbs – it's what you do!
    My kids always remembered what a verb is becaue of that commercial. I don't even remember what the commercial was for. One thing I do when I teach verbs it give kids a chance to "act" them out. They choose a verb and then "do" it and the other kids have to guess what it is…they love doing this.

  2. I love this idea! We only have 8 days left of school so I am doing lots of review. This will be a great idea to review verbs next week.

  3. I love the super heroes theme. Thank you for sharing, Jennifer! I hope you enjoyed your day off at the beach. I am so jealous ;0)
    EIleen Griffin
    Second Grade Sunshine

  4. I LOVE this…thanks, so cute! We also use a song by Dr. Jean to empahasize action verbs. It's a "stand and do" kinda song so that the kids act out each verb and say …"that's NOT a verb, you can't…"if it isn't…SUPER fun and we're going to use it to review with your superheroes! Thanks, again!


  5. Thank you very much for sharing this lesson with us. We will be covering "action words" starting tomorrow. We will be using this in just a few days. I appreciate all the help I find on the web.

  6. Great ideas, which I will use this week. Thank you for the freebie.

    Just one point: clarify that verbs can also be of being (is, are, am, was etc.), thinking/feeling (reflect, think, love, fear, guess etc.) or saying (shout, whisper, question etc.), but today we will only learn about actions – things we can do.

    When teaching higher classes teachers face a problem if verbs are only taught as action words. How do you do the action for is or were, which are auxilliary verbs?

    1. Hi,
      I appreciate your feedback. As for teaching verbs, yes, I do include that not ALL verbs are action words. Within the English language there are ALWAYS exceptions to every rule (which I tell my students). “Action words” is merely a place to start with young children. While teaching, we explore other types of verbs (just not in depth). I never tell my students that ALL verbs are action words anymore than I tell them that the only sound for “Cc” is /c/. It is a starting point for young children and something they can use as a quick reference to differentiate between verbs and nouns.
      Thanks again.

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