What just happened?

Have you ever had one of those vacations where everything seemed to go wrong?  And the whole time you kept thinking, this cannot be my vacation.
Well, enter my vacation.
First off, on our way to Orange Beach, Maggie, my youngest began having symptoms of a stomach virus.  Not too big of a deal.  But then for some unknown reason, I took the wrong interstate.  Yes, folks, I have been to the beach a hundred times, I know the way very well…but it was like I blacked out and just had no idea I was heading in the wrong direction. I NEVER do stuff like that.  Now if you know anything about Alabama (which I am sure you don’t) the 2 main interstates are sort of like a big, giant X…they cross in B’ham.   I took the wrong leg of the x and was heading to New Orleans.  Not only that, I kept driving in that direction for no apparent reason.  I made it about half way down the x’s leg when my husband asks if we’re going to Louisiana.  I actually sit there and argue with him telling him the exit we are getting off at, etc….right up to the point when it flashes in my mind what I have done.  SO…off the interstate I go.  I take back roads….and I mean BACK ROADS to get over to the other leg of the X.  Of course, I am still thinking things are ok- bright side, I get to see parts of the state I never knew existed…(Shout out Eutaw, Al!)  Kids are beginning to get fussy.  We see a rainbow, so how bad can it be?  All in all, I added about 40 miles to the trip.  The bad part is a trip that should have taken about 5 hours took 7 and then some..  
But if we hadn’t taken the detour, we would have missed this sitting in a field:

Onward and forward.
First day…weather was a bit rainy and cloudy, but we soldiered on to the beach.  Ate some good food at the Shrimp Basket.  I am thinking things are looking up.  Next day, beautiful weather.  Go to the beach…guess who forgot their Kindle?  But no biggie, just enjoy the scenery, right?  My hubby always fusses because I don’t get in the water…I DO get in the water, right up to my knees….maybe hips.  So I go out, way out with him.  The little kids want us to take them out, which my 6’4″ husband has been doing all morning with no trouble.  SO we each take one…I go out just a bit and I realize the waves have become HUGE.  Long story short, one hits me…I hold on to Maggie….another hits…I am still holding on, but the water keeps pulling me back and under.  it shoots us to shore in one instant, I try to stand but can’t and I let go.  Yes, worst mother ever.  My brain is screaming “don’t let go!” but my body let go.  I felt horrible.  Luckily, we were just a few feet from the shore and as soon as I got my balance, my hubby already had her.  But I was done.  No more water for me.  She was scared, but fine. I was not fine.  But at this point, things could have been so much worse and I kept thinking things will get better.  Sort of like Clark Griswold…
 “I’m just trying to treat my family to a little fun!”
And then it happens.  My husband not only gets sunburned, but he wakes up with a stomach virus. Now for normal people it is a little uncomfortable….lasts a day or so.  My husband might as well just drive himself to the nearest hospital because it is BAD.  So BAD. I cannot emphasize this enough.  2 days of throwing up and everything else.  He doesn’t move out of the bed for 2 days except to go the bathroom.  BAD, folks.  And to top it off…I have the kids.   Alone.  
So I spend the next day or so doing everything…dolphin cruise, lunches, Build-A-Bear, etc.  ..washing clothes, folding towels, dusting sand off things, you know, the fun stuff.
I know I shouldn’t complain.
But it was supposed to be a vacation… relaxing, fun, restful.  Instead it was stressful and exhausting.  I drove back yesterday.  Hubby still sick, barely speaking sort of sick…kids are fine (wild, but fine).  And I have to go to work. Today.  I want a do over.
After all this fussing, I have to say there were some bright spots.

Thank you for making it to the end of this lengthy, non-teachery post.  
I promise to get busy with more teacher related things soon.   
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  1. Oh, I'm sorry your vacation did not go as planned:( Your kids looked like they had fun, love the pics. I hope your hubby is feeling better. Have a great day back to work!


  2. Oh Jennifer, I am so sorry about your vacation's not-so-good moments. It is hard for any mom with kids on a vacation doing everything solo. When my hubby gets ill, I pay the price big time so I can't imagine that happening on vacation.

    Your expectations are were high for relaxing and then it was actually more work for you. Even though you were disappointed, these are the times in life where we must praise God for ALL things, the fun and not-so-fun parts of life. These are the true tests in life where the rubber meets the road as a mother. Will we be a good example for our children during these tough times?

    When you showed your positive attitude even though you were frustrated inside, you taught your children an amazing life lesson- Sometimes things don't work out the way we plan, but we must be grateful at all times. You are such an incredible mother and wife! I hope God rewards you with a relaxing weekend soon, even if it's at home. Hey, Mother's Day weekend would be nice. 🙂

  3. Jennifer,
    So sorry your vacation didn't turn out like you had hoped. I went to the beach this past weekend as well for a girls trip!! It was great!

    I, too, am from Alabama so I definitely know what you mean about the interstates and the back roads. Hope your hubby is feeling better and you are having a great week back at work.

    I am new to the blogging world. Im mapping my way from healthcare to the education world. Check it out!

    From Blood to Books!


  4. Wow! What an adventure! So sorry it wasn't the best. 🙁 Those are times, that I've found, that I completely crack up about years later! My son (who's only 6, now) will remind us of our not so fun things that have happened during our outings in the past few years! They've been quite memorable to him, I guess! 🙂 (as I know yours will be to your little cuties! They look like they were having a blast regardless in your pics!)

    Here's hoping for a do-over soon for you!!!!!!

    Rulin' the Roost

  5. Oh my goodness…I can remember the first time I drove home to Dothan from college at Samford and even though I had been back and forth to Bham a million times, I called my dad freaking out in Prattville because I had no idea where to get off of 65!Bless your heart…side note, where was the tin man??

  6. Wow…that sounds like a vacation to remember. Sorry

    I hope things go better next time.


  7. I'm really sorry your vacation didn't go as planned, bue well your kids seemed happy. I hope your hubby is feeling much much better. Maybe next time you're going to have a blast. 😉

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