My Pirate & Ocean Classroom

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My Pirate & Ocean Classroom

I went back up to school and finished a few boards…I took a couple of pictures, hope you enjoy! =)
This is my door…the pirate is painted.
My Pirate & Ocean Classroom
This is my bulletin board in the hallway…I put my own pirate kids…but (when I get my class list) will add my students pictures to the boat.
My Pirate and Ocean Classroom
And here is my data board…the tally chart shown is just an example…(not finished =)
Looking for the rest of my classroom? Click HERE!



  1. It's very hard teaching beside such a talented teacher! She ALWAYS has the cutest bb and activities displayed that her kiddos have been working on. Makes us all have to step it up a notch! Love you Jennifer!

  2. Wow– so cute! Wish we could have this fun with bulletin boards. Our district restricts us due to fire safety rules. Wanted to give you a heads up for ocean themed items here- (thinking the bulletin board paper section has ocean/water scenes) I just found out about the site from another blogger last night. Hope it helps!
    Primary Connections

  3. So cute! I love your paintings!! It seems like so many people are doing something with the ocean for their classroom themes next year! I'm doing fish for mine!

  4. This is so adorable!! LOVE it. Thanks for sharing, might be using it 🙂

  5. My goodness are your quite the artist! Will you show pictures of your entire set up once you are done? I'd LOVE to see you whole classroom!

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