Favicon Help!!

If there is anyone out there is bloggerland who knows anything about adding a favicon and wouldn’t mind giving me some hints, I would really appreciate it!  I had one…and then now it is gone for some reason.  I re-did the html and it just doesn’t show up- gives an error message…  Ideally, I would like to make a cute one of my own, figure out how to host it (b/c it is a .ico thing, right)…and then get it on there (well, up there…lol)  Any help greatly appreciated!!


  1. Blogger has been nutso lately …I see the heart…I have the tent on mine and until you mentioned it I didn't know it had finally shown up 🙂 You got great advise ….let us know if you need more 🙂

  2. Thanks ladies! I will look at the link~ I'm glad it is at least showing up for everyone else…like I said, it was there a couple of days for me and then today- gone. It is just a free one I found online, but I made one during my confusion today- I am just unclear about where to host it since it isn't a picture, but an ico thing…

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