Ok…I promise that I am trying not to post more than once or twice in a day…but I realized I didn’t post my Top Ten on the post titled “My Top Ten” this morning..even though I meant to- I put my thank yous and clicked post- and then it actually took me two hours to realize I didn’t finish my thought!!  I am losing it…I mean seriously.  I could blame the two toddlers…or the messy house…or old age…
but I won’t! lol
SOOOO  ANYWAYS!  I already mentioned earlier today how much I love Mel D and Mrs Schroeder’s pages…so I guess I get to add 10+ more =)
A FEW of my fav blogs out there- trust me, I have wayyyy more than 10 favs!!

I also love Mrs. Duggins’ Doodlebugs…I can’t get her button to copy, strange seeing as how I helped her make it?!  haha


  1. Boy oh boy oh boy! Have you made my day, or what? I am so excited to be included in your top ten! Your blog is definitely one of my regular go-to's. FOR SURE in my top 10! You have the cutest ideas around – and you were so sweet and generous to help me with creating my blog button! I can't thank you enough! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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