My Top Fourteen in ’14

I’m joining in with a few of my friends for the 14 in ’14 Linky.  This year has been great, I reached some personal, TpT, & blogging milestones.  I am proud of myself for all the work I have put in and hope to keep it up in 2015.
Getting a diagnosis for Jack.  You can read more about that {here} but I have to say that it is the biggest thing that happened this year, knowing that something more was going on with him and being able to respond appropriately…priceless.
I got my ring…finally. (Yes, we’ve been married for 7 years, but it was worth the wait!)
 {three and four}
Maggie turned 5 and graduated from Preschool!
Jack graduated from Kindergarten….yes!
Our annual vacation to Gulf Shores…simple and relaxing.
Jack turned 7.
We resolved to start spending more ALONE time together and STOP feeling guilty about it.
Flying to Vegas with my bestie, Angela from Daily Alphabet
Meeting up with my Freeblielicious Girls…FINALLY!
Presenting at the first ever TpT Conference. I have never felt so not worthy!
Teaching Jack this year has been a gift.
Emma turned 13, got braces, and started 8th grade.  Time flies.
Our trip to Puerto Rico. I did NOT want to come home.  Best trip EVER.

 I hope 2015 has more of this (see photo below)…
That was my year.  Link up {here} and share your year!

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  1. Jennifer,
    I must have somehow missed your blog post last April about Jack. My 14 year old has ASD and, boy, do I ever understand you and how you feel. People can imagine what it is like but until they walk a day in your shoes, they really cannot comprehend. I use to try to explain to others how getting my son to shower or brush his teeth took 5+ hours, but I've been in it so long, I've stopped. Just know you have lots of support out there (you had 142 comments on that post alone) and if you ever need to talk to someone who has been there (and still is), just reach out to me.
    It looks like you have had a fabulous 2014 and I know there are great things in store for you in 2015!

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