Reindeer Day and Parent Gifts, too!

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Reindeer Day and Parent Gifts, too!

Wow, Reindeer Day has come and gone…we made antlers. Reindeer Day and Parent Gifts, too!
and artwork… ~source {here}~
Great video for your Reindeer Study, Facts to know Before you Meet a Reindeer:
(it’s a little weird, but hang in there…it’s funny!)
And another…for reindeer eye color:
I used my Reindeer Close Read…
Find it {Here} It was a HIT!
For parent crafts, I used an idea from Eighteen25 {here}
So adorable…and EASY!  
I used a 4×4 canvas for each student.  I found them on Amazon in packs of 6!

First I painted the canvas’ blue. Then kids came up and I painted their fingers white. I make sure to paint the edge of their palm, too. Then I press their fingers onto the canvas. After it is dry, I get out the Sharpies. Each table has an assortment of Sharpies. They use these to add snowman details to all their finger prints.

Parent Gifts

Tomorrow is our Polar Express, I am ready for some hot cocoa!
 Hope you’ve had a great week…two more days! I love my students, but I kinda love being out, too!  

Anybody else feel that way?

Reindeer Day and Parent Gifts, too!

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  1. Would you mind telling exactly what you let the kids do for the canvas ornament? Did they paint the canvas, then handprint, then decorate the snowmen? I read the blog. It's a really cute idea. I just would like more information about how to actually do it in a classroom. I also teach first grade.

    1. I can share a how-to this weekend, I took pictures =) Basically they painted the canvas. When it was dry, I painted their hand from the top of the palm up and pressed it onto the canvas. I took a brush and filled in the bottom a bit so it looks like a hill. When that was dry, they used Sharpies to decorate. I used the end of a brush to dot the snow. Hope that helps!

  2. Love the reindeer activities! Your parent gifts turned out beautiful too. I did them last year with my first graders. I couldn't find the canvases locally so I used pre-cut pieces of wood from Michaels. They worked well too. I'm sure the parents will love them; mine did!

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