Square Cat and a Freebie!

Have you seen the book, Square Cat?  
The author, Elizabeth Schoonmaker was sweet enough to mail my class an autographed copy her book,
I love the fact that the story integrates so many things….
flat shapes like squares and circles, but then also includes elements of social dynamics, too!  Learning to be happy in your own skin (or shape) plus being sensitive to your friends and the 
differences among them!  
And it is a cute story on top of all that!
I loved the ideas shared by Chalk Talk about making Square Cats

…and graphing our results!
Here is a little freebie ‘two-fer’ (not sure if that’s a word??)  to go along with the book:

Grab your freebie here or click the pictures above!
Eula (the square cat) even has her own blog!!
Check it out here!
I am in love with Eula!!!  Go buy the book and you will love her, too!! 
(my own kids don’t want me to keep the book at school, so I have had to buy my own copy for home!!  That’s how good it is!!)


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