Stations! and a Stamping Freebie!

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My Kinders are busy getting used to their station routines.
Here are some pictures I took last week:

Letters and Sounds Station, where kids are putting their ABC’s in order (it is a worm, you just can’t see the head!!) and using magnet letters to spell their names!
Here my kids are at Word Work, reading Big Books and using Hot Dots!
Writing Station where my kids are stamping words and writing letters on dry erase boards
Listening Station

 Reading Station in the loft!
To celebrate getting my stations up and running, here is a little freebie I just made to use with my letter stamps at the writing station (it includes more than just the pages below =)
Snag the pack here


  1. Love this follower, getting my workstations started this week…going to start with one center a day/go into exploring centers until the kids get used to completing a station at a time. Thinking of doing the name stamping, since they can spell out their names…this will get them used to doing their 1-2 centers a day until they can get into my rotations and understand what they are doing! 🙂 Love the freebie, it saves me time!

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