Letter Naming Fluency Idea


At least in Alabama, with Kindergarten comes Dibels…which in turn means we must assess letter naming.  It can become tedious and boring at times.  Here is a little tip I shared at the beginning of the year over on TBA in case you missed it:
  I like to let kids tear out word searches from coloring books and use them to practice “reading” (or identifying) the letters from left to right.  Something about the fact that it came from a coloring book makes it seem more fun to them. 
 (It is also another opportunity during the day for them to practice tracking with their finger left to right.) 
 First they read the letters with partners and then ready they come up and read them to me.  When they are finished and successful with most of it, I let them color the page/around the edges (or the back of the page).  The kids love it!

 Of course, they don’t necessarily read ALL the letters to me.   I might have them read 3-5 lines or more, depending on their skill level.  With their partners, they may practice reading the whole page.

It saves me time because I am not running letter naming pages off on the copier and there is no shortage of coloring books at my house (I also ask parents to donate old or new activity/coloring books at the beginning of the year for a variety of uses =).  It provides a break from the standard pages of letter naming we normally do when progress monitoring. 
Hope someone can use this tip! =)


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