Label It! ABC and Beginning Sounds (with a freebie!)

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You know I love labeling, I mean there are 21 different ‘Label It!’ Packs in my shop!  With Kindergarten students this year, I needed to create something that was more appropriate for the students I have who aren’t quite ready for ‘whole word’ labeling projects.  This pack is what I came up with to help them label beginning sounds/letter names.  
There are color and B&W pages of each set.  I also included two progressions, one in the order of the alphabet and the other in one that matches closer to the progression of Harcourt and other reading series for letters.  These are perfect to use in a station…  Stick them in a plastic sleeve or laminate them and let kids use dry erase markers to label away!  (or use the B&W pages for individual use)
There are 38 Label It! Mats, a direction page, and a few of graphic organizers thrown in for fun!
Find it here:
Here is a freebie sample from the pack:


  1. I like these a lot. I have ELL first graders who are still struggling with beginning sounds..shoooot, I have fourth graders who are struggling with it, so these would work great in my classroom.


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