Appleteens! Free Math Game to Practice Teen Numbers

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I have a fun math game to share with you!  It is all about recognizing and writing (and building, even though I don’t have pictures of that part!) teen numbers.  I wanted to add a bit of apple novelty to a traditional math game and my kids loved it!

Directions and materials are included in the freebie!
Get your freebie {here} on TPT!
Hope you love it!  Leave a comment if you grab it or if you have a fun way you 
teach/review teen numbers! 
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  1. Thank you! We started our new common core curriculum this year with a budget of zero. We are all scrambling to find things to support the changes. Your freebie is perfect for my lessons this week!

  2. This is so cute, but I don't get it?! So they pick a number, put that many cubes together, and then select the right number sentence just from knowing (ex: put together 16, know that's 10+6)? Then do they put the card back, so it eventually gets picked again? And each time they build the same tower of 16?

    I feel like it would work better the opposite way – have the numbers 11-20 across the top, and apples with number sentences (10+1, 10+2) then each time they pull a number sentence, use cubes to solve, and match the correct number. That way they get more practice seeing why 10+1=11

    Am I just not understanding it?! I feel dumb that I can't figure this out! I'm reviewing teen numbers this week, and would really like to use it!

    1. I think there are many ways to play the game, if you check the second page of the pack there is a "variations" suggestion list. It is up to you if you want to change it around. I created this because there were plenty of games/pages I had that had counters and then under it say something like ___ + ____=16 or 10+___= 16, this is just working the opposite way for the recording part. If you prefer, you could use counters…or not build it at all, or have them write the problem under the problem with the answer. My kids play the same game multiple times, so I tend to change it up and make it more difficult as we go. Perhaps I should have clarified that the first time they play it, they have a stack of cubes of 10 that do not change, and they build what goes with it to create the teen number in a second stack…not just one tower. They play thought the cards one time and then mix them up and play again until the board is full. Hope that helps answer at least some of your questions. =)

    2. Thank you – that helps A LOT!!!!!! I really like the idea of keeping the group of 10 cubes together and then just making the second stack! Before I just didn't get how the stack was helping them! I also might have them do it with a double ten frame, so they can use counters to show the number they pull, and then represent it on the ten frame to see that it is 10+whatever. Also, thanks for clarifying about how you use the cards!

      As I said, it's adorable, and I really wanted to use it, I just didn't get it at first, lol!

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