Kindergarten Classroom Reveal 2016-17

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Kindergarten Classroom Reveal 2016-17Classroom decoration pictures

Kindergarten Classroom Reveal 2016-17:  It has been a whirlwind of excitement and craziness as my school year began on Wednesday.  Every year I forget, kind of like childbirth, what it’s really like to teach kindergarten those first few days.  How could I forget?  Well, no matter how I forgot, I forgot.  And I was overwhelmed and stressed to the max, but utterly in love with my new kiddos.   I have 15 students, 7 girls and 8 boys  They are sweet and funny.  Some can write their name and others make circles and x’s for their name, and that’s ok.  Some have a million questions and others are so quiet that I can barely hear what they say.  Kindergarten is the beginning, their beginning at school and my classroom is the start.  I hope you love the reveal.

Classroom photos

The scrunched up border is off Amazon!  It’s TDF!  You can see more by clicking: AMAZON!

kindergarten classroom classroom cabinet classroom play kitchen classroom writing station classroom names

classroom reveal teacher desk

classroom bulletin board classroom classroom reading area

classroom photo class books guided reading materials classroom reveal 2016 classroom deskclassroom welcome

first and kinder blue skies firstgradeblueskies writing center writing station classroom writing I canfirstandkinderblueskies word wall first and kinder blue skies photo bulletin board calendar classroom seating

guided reading table meeting area teacher desk classroom calendar area desk reading area under loft reading buddy class pics

And for open house:

school bus craft

open house rainbow names



  1. Great ideas! Where did you get the play kitchen from? Is it from Target? Also, where is your alphabet that is on the wall from?

    1. It was from Target and the alphabet on the wall is from Ladybug Teacher Files (the one above my board is by Ashley Schroeder) 😉

  2. Seriously!!!! OMG!!!! Love everything! Ok…. The numbers, 1-20 at the top of the wall-where are they from? And the large black cabinet- is that white vinyl?! And that bus at the end under the welcome sign is precious!!!❤️❤️ Everything looks great!!!

    1. The numbers are by Sarah Cooley, I painted the cabinet, and the bus is a giant version of one of my crafts on TpT 😉 hope that helps!

  3. Beautiful classroom! Just so you know, where it says “Now I Know my ABCs”, you have “now” instead of “know” 🙂

    1. The “k” must have fallen off without me noticing it, you can check last year’s pictures… I promise it was there!! 😉

  4. Your room is amazing! You have obviously put a lot of thought and work into creating such an inviting space. I hope you have a wonderful year! How did you make the colorful border around the “Kinder” board? Too cute!

  5. Your room is bright, beautiful and very welcoming! I love it. Did you build your house shaped book case? It is terrific.

  6. I love your room. You are so creative. Last year, my students enjoyed your directed drawings. Did you paint a train/play table black? How are you using it?
    Thank you: )

    1. Yes, I painted it and I use the drawers under it to hold my word work station materials and sensory bins 😉

    1. A lot of kinderliteracy (Tara West) materials and fun things for letter naming and psf 😉 maybe I can blog about it soon!

  7. Such an inspirational room. You are so talented!! I am loving the little glimpse of that ABC rug…it looks like just what I have been searching for. Do you mind sharing where it came from?

  8. Hi, I was looking at your classroom pics to get inspired for next year. I noticed your stools at your reading table, I have those same ones that I used in third this year. However, I am moving back to Kindergarten next year and am wondering if your stools were a good size for kinders? I love those so much and didn’t want to have to part from them.. (I taught Kinder for two years and got a job at a school that I live close to and the only position available was 3rd but they are getting to move me to kinder next year, just fyi lol)

    1. They work great for my Kinders! I wouldn’t necessarily use them for their all day seating, but they are perfect for stations and small group 😉

  9. I love how happy your room looks! I’m changing grades from first to kinder next school year and I have been looking for a new color to paint the classroom. I had been thinking about gray for a while and love the look of it on your walls. Do you happen to know what this gray is called?

    1. Thank you so much! No, I am sorry, I don’t have any idea what the gray was called. I will ask in the office and update this comment if I find out! Thanks!!!

  10. Wow! Everything looks so nice. Do you have a template for your open house brochure to parents? Yours looks very friendly and inviting ?

    1. I create them custom for people on my TpT shop =) But I have other blog posts that show exactly what is in mine in case you wanted to create your own!

    2. I create them custom for people in my TpT shop =) But I have other blog posts that show exactly what is in mine in case you wanted to create your own!

  11. I saw your classroom featured in Scholastic Teacher magazine. Such cute ideas! Where did you get your numbers for your interactive rainbow chart? I love them. You have the coolest ideas!

  12. There is just so very much I love about your classroom!!!!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    How did you make your adorable little kinder bunting on the wall above the yellow table?

    Thank you!

  13. So, on your “wow work” wall it looks as though you just hung clothes pins directly onto the cinder block. What kind of adhesive did you use to do this??

    1. I use several different things, I use hot glue on the cool setting and if that won’t work, then I use the 3M hook adhesive strips. Hope that helps!

  14. I am dying to know where you got your teacher desk from! I have been looking for that exact desk for over a year and CANNOT find it anywhere! I love your entire classroom!

    1. I got it years ago at Office Depot. The brand is “Sauder” and the model is 9097-475. Hope that helps!

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