Great Source for Stock Photos!

Are you loving the trend of using stock photos?  Me, too!  Are you confused about terms of use and where the best place to get them is?  Me?  Not so much….anymore.  I have used iStock, GraphicStock, Wiki Commons…all of them.  But with the help of a friend, I found Dollar Photo Club.  Their terms are GREAT and the images are a $1.  That’s it.  You sign up for $10 a month for 10 images (you can cancel anytime) and the credits you don’t use roll over to the next month!  I LOVE it!  Their search function is great, you can filter to only see photos and the image quality is excellent!  If you need more than 10 a month, they’re still just $1 each.

Dollar Photo Club
You don’t have to worry about copyright, unless you are using the image for newspaper or magazine articles…read their TOU, I promise, you’ll be HAPPY!
Here is the last cover I have created using one of their images:
and my latest:
So if you need stock images and want great terms of use…and don’t want to pay steep prices, then Dollar Photo Club is for YOU! 


  1. I just applied for the Dollar Photo Club! Thanks for posting more info about that site here on your blog. I am working on a new product that needs more visual pop, and I found the perfect image using their search feature. I can't wait to get started! Thanks!
    Jenn @ 2nd Grade Snickerdoodles

  2. Hope there's a jaguar there as I am hoping you will do a close read unit on Jaguars!
    I did wonder where you the pics for those units as they are simply stunning and really add to the unit.
    When I go to use the units after our winter break here in Australia, I am going to start by projecting just the pic and getting the kids to talk about what they know etc.

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