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I am so happy to see so many new followers and great bloggers!  Sooooo excited!  If and when I get up to 100, I will be having my first giveaway..and I already know what I want to give!  So get your friends to come have a look!

Anyway, I have been going through my computer here at home to see what I will be needing when school starts and I came across some pages that you guys might could use. OR might inspire you to create something similar but more in line with your needs/theme.   I put them all in one google doc., rather than having three separate links.  The first page is a questionnaire I use at Open House before school starts. It gives me yet another tool to get to know my kids. Also i to give me a chance to get much needed info.  The second page is a poster I clip to my door for my kids to see as we line up.  And the third is just a directional poster for one of my stations. When I made the last one, we were using a jungle theme…if I get a chance I may re-do it to make it more child-friendly and cuter.

I have been working on my brochure I give to parents at Open House, too…I will try to post a picture and link to it later today.  Happy Tuesday!
Click the Monkey to see the documents!


  1. First, let me say thank you for the download. 🙂 Next, I have a question. The images on your download. I have them as stickers. Are they a clip art set you purchased? If so where can I find them because I love them. When ever I see the roll of stickers at the store I buy a set. 🙂

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