Sub Tub Idea

Sub Tub Idea

Sub Tub Idea: A new school year means we are all excited to meet and get to know our new class of kiddos.  But no matter how dedicated we are to our job, there will be a time when we have to be out.  It’s been my experience that you can never have too many ideas for your sub plans!  This is my favorite activity for my sub  to do with my class!

Sub Tub for teacher absences

First I have them read the book Miss Nelson is Missing!

Next they discuss where in the world do they think I could be??  After brainstorming, they either dictate to the substitute where they think I am or they write it themselves.  The answers never cease to amaze me at their creativity!

Sub Tub Idea

McDonald’s, really?  Panera, maybe…but not McDonald’s on my day out!

Substitute Activity

You can find the FREEBIE for your Sub Tub on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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