Observations and Nonsense Word Pattern Blocks!

OhMyGosh….it has been crazy!  I have been waiting for my observation for the last two weeks.  It isn’t like I don’t do my job normally…but waiting for them to show up drives me nuts.  I feel like at 9:01 if I am not already at stations, I am in trouble.  

So… bright and early Friday morning here they come walking in (before our reading block even begins officially).  I was totally caught off guard (although upon reflection I should have known!)  
So in they come and I just get flustered and forget to talk about my objective.  
Forgot to introduce my lesson completely. 
I just forgot.
They stayed over an hour…and my kids (I feel) did a great job.  We are talking about Kinders, who stayed with me (on task) for over an hour!  Yay!  Who knows if the observers will think it was a great lesson, but for me, I was pleased with my kiddos, even if I did forget the beginning.  
And now for what I have been up to today.  My Kinders will be taking DIBELS in January and have to be assessed for nonsense words (eek!)  So I worked on new pattern block mats to use for nonsense (real and silly) words.  The patterns in this pack are different than my other packs * which include sight words for first and second grades and also letter naming)

Check them out here:

Check back tomorrow night for a great big freebie!


  1. This makes me giggle… because I feel the same way you do when I get observed. I was suppose to get observed the other day and they never came. Ugh talk about major anxiety. I am glad it went well girl! =)


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