Pattern Block Letter Naming

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Just a quick update….Kindergarten is going well, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and on the verge of a nervous breakdown at the first of the week, but then things calmed down and I felt much better toward the end of the week… Thank Goodness!!!  =)
We are supposed to begin small groups and stations Monday, so I am scrambling to get ready and change out all my normal first grade things and stick with simpler, Kindergarten friendly literacy station materials.  One thing I decided to do was to take my pattern block sight word pack and create a version for letter naming.  Perfect for the beginning of Kindergarten…especially when letter naming is so important on DIBELS!  You could also use it later in the year for identifying sounds!
Here is a close up example from the pack:
Hope you love it!
Find it:
And I also created a great pack for nonsense words also in my shops!
(keep in mind I also have 1st and 2nd grade versions for sight words)


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